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J Souther Currere Artifacts


The various artifacts listed below on this site are those used as evidence for the Currere Final Project. Click on the title of each Artifact to view the document or website. They are referenced within the final paper. 


Curriculum is a vital component to the education field, teaching professionals, and scholars alike, so much so that attempting to understand curriculum is a feat in itself which involves four main areas to understanding curriculum: (1) historical text, (2) institutional text, (3) political text, and (4) autobiographical text. The information and artifacts presented here will help support the main ideas and topics of curriculum understanding. The artifacts include an array of online and printed articles about the history and political aspects of curriculum, professionally created documents on the school level, different professional resources for classroom use, personally written documents, a transformative lesson plan, a satirical cartoon, and personal reference/recommendation letters. All of these together form the basis for my understanding of the various elements of curriculum.  

Section 2b: 
Understanding Curriculum as Institutional Text

Section 2d: 
Understanding Curriculum as Autobiographical Text

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